CPI Non-Violent Crisis Intervention 3.5 Hour Refresher Course

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CPI Non-Violent Crisis Intervention 3.5 Hour Refresher Course
  • Providing District: BRIC
  • Campus: *
  • Room/Building: Zoom
  • Fee: $0
  • Lunch/Dinner: On your own
  • Event Date:: Oct. 1, 2020, noon
  • Occupancy 3
  • Facilitator: Brent Colligan

All Special Education staff are required to be trained in de-escalation strategies and restrictive procedures. The NCI refresher training will provide an opportunity to review the core concepts of crisis prevention, which include early intervention, de-escalation strategies and non-physical methods for preventing and managing disruptive behavior. Personal safety techniques as well as the study and practice of crisis prevention methods will be reviewed. Minnesota’s restrictive procedures rules will also be covered as well as BRIC member school’s restrictive procedure and seclusion policy.


Contact - Program Questions:

Brent Colligan - bcolligan@bric.k12.mn.us

Contact - Registration Questions:

Yvette Olson - BRIC Administrative Asst.

Brent Colligan